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Grace Ogunseye

“Our Newham Work has been so supportive to my future career. They provided me with the necessary tools to help my personal development.”

Grace always wanted to work in the railway industry in a customer service role. Before she could apply and secure this role she needed more experience. She came to Our Newham Work for advice on how to achieve her goal. In order to get her closer to her dream role and improve her experience, we suggested that an apprenticeship might be her best option.

Apprenticeships are an opportunity to learn about an industry and learn from experienced staff. Whilst working, apprentices gain experience and qualifications related to the job role.

Our advisers used their strong industry links built up over many years to sell her skills to employers. Most people searching for job opportunities cannot do this step by themselves and often look to a recruitment agency to do this for them. “My advisors have been supportive helping me along the way, helping me to secure the job rather than having to apply directly.”

Grace is now in full-time employment in a position she loves. She is working as a customer service apprentice with Arriva Rail. We have remained in contact with Grace and check in with her regularly “They have been very supportive. Even though I am now working I still get emails and phone calls about my welfare and development.”