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Andrew Carrington, Project Director, HG Construct

HG Construct

“Our Newham Work staff have been brilliant at supplying suitable, high calibre and hard working candidates.”

HG Construct have found that the training we give to residents and the expertise we are able to draw upon when speaking to employers, make us stand out from other recruitment services. They say that we “provide a quality end to end recruitment service and are able to advise on a wide range of employment-related issues, including apprenticeships and job-specific training.”

Ultimately, we are judged on the service we provide employers and the success the newly recruited staff have in their jobs. This is why we are delighted that companies both big and small continue to return to us to fill their vacancies.

HG Construct have found that we offer a recruitment service that brings them unique benefits. These include our willingness and ability to support candidates, helping them train for specific job roles and the offering of practical advice to employers on all matters related to recruitment and employment.