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Kailesh Maisuria, Senior Recruitment Manager (London Midway Attractions)

Merlin Entertainments

Kailesh considers Our Newham Work to be “one of Merlin Entertainments’ preferred suppliers for recruitment services”. By listening carefully to what his organisation were looking for in employees and using our in-depth knowledge of the candidates registered with us, we have helped fill numerous vacancies across London in Merlin Entertainment.

We have been able to supply Merlin Entertainments with candidates that have a wide range of experience levels and expertise. “Our Newham Work have been vital in providing us with seasonal staff, permanent full time and part time staff … they have made our recruitment process stress-free and have provided us candidates from all levels at a high standard.”

Merlin Entertainments are just one of the companies that have recognised the benefits of involving us in their recruitment process. Kailesh says our help “has been important to the running of (their) operations across all London Merlin attractions” and that they would “highly recommend Our Newham Work (to) other employers”, we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.