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Rebecca Foden, Executive Recruitment Lead and Smart Sourcing


Transport for London (TfL) were eager to hire people who lived in Newham who were ambitious, hard-working and capable. To help TfL find new employees, we ran recruitment events “Our Newham Work is a great partner to TfL and have provided us with invaluable support hosting two borough recruitment events,” says Rebecca Foden, Recruitment lead for TfL. At these events TfL “saw and hired some great talent from Newham into the TfL apprenticeship programmes”, the majority of the roles they were looking to fill.

We recognise that employers partnering with us are looking for individuals that truly benefit their company. We are aware that candidates are happier and will stay in positions for longer if they are well suited to their employer. Therefore the quality of candidates we bring to employers is always high as we are experienced in identifying the traits that lead to a successful match for both the applicant and the employer.

The apprentices selected by TfL all enjoyed great success in their roles and the company has chosen to strengthen its ties with Our Newham Work, continuing to use us to help find them new employees.