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Applying Social Media to Enhance Your Job Search

Course Details

Searching for a job? Looking to make a career change? Want to connect with hiring influencers and decision makers? Learn how to maximise the value of LinkedIn in order to build relationships with the people who can help you succeed during the hiring process. You’ll meet some amazing professionals and discover opportunities unlike anywhere else online!

Useful Timestamps:

2:20 - Why Should I Use LinkedIn?
8:54 - Design Your Profile 
11:07 - Writing Your Profile Summary 
14:20 - Adding Media Content to Your Profile 
19:50 - Designing Your Profile Demo 
30:56 - Search for the Right Opportunities 
35:36 - Searching Effectively on LinkedIn Demo 
37:49 - Build Valuable Relationships 
41:16 - Messaging Effectively on LinkedIn 
46:16 - Engaging Online and Offline 
50:55 - Find and Build Your Ideal Career 
55:06 - Salary Analysis 
55:45 - Finding Jobs on LinkedIn Demo
57:38 - Using Premium LinkedIn Features
1:00:31 - Activities and Extra Tips 
1:01:22 - Goals and Success Metrics (Next 7 Days) 

Duration: 1h 4m