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Understanding Navigating the Recruitment Process

Course Details

Want to get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers? Looking for insider information about jobs and organisations you can’t find anywhere else? Learn how to improve the hiring process by getting noticed and starting the right conversations with recruiters. You’ll also gain tactics to navigate tricky situations and negotiations. You’ll uncover hidden details and unlock access to employers that many job candidates miss.

Useful Timestamps:

0:56 - Learning Objective of the Course 
1:26 - Introduction to Recruiting 
3:53 - Agency Recruiter vs Internal Recruiter  
4:40 - Corporate Recruiter and Hiring Manager Comparison 
11:30 - A Look at the Recruitment Process 
20:23 - What to Expect When Speaking to a Recruiter 
31:22 - Best Practices for Job Candidates 
35:06 - What Recruiters See as CV Red Flags 
38:13 - Conducting Video Interviews 
43:48 - What Recruiters See As Interview Red Flags 
46:10 - Hiring Process Red Flags 
48:24 - What a Recruiter Should Never Ask You 
48:57 - How to Handle Inappropriate Questions
51:15 - Conclusion: Negotiating & Closing 
55:07 - Negotiation Tactics 
58:13 - Ask About Training - Expectations When Starting a New Job 

Duration: 1h 1m