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    Open on: 06/04/2021

    Closing on: 13/04/2021

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Job description


Good administrative staff with excellent customer service skills are vital to the effective operation of the Courts, Tribunals and other offices within Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS). Most of the staff within HMCTS are employed in administrative roles. HMCTS embraces Lean principles and continuous improvement techniques to provide high standards of customer service


Administrative Officers are assigned to teams to carry out a variety of general administrative duties to progress cases through the court/tribunal system or provide support to other functions within HMCTS.

Continuous improvement tools and techniques are used in HMCTS and so there will be opportunities to exercise discretion and initiative and continually seek to improve, within a framework of systems and processes.

Problem solving is carried out by reference to lean techniques (e.g. problem-solving hubs) and comprehensive guidelines and instructions – complex or difficult issues are normally referred to or will involve a team leader or supervisor.

In some positions, role holders will have regular contact with court / tribunal users, including members of the Judiciary and the legal profession.

Administrative Officers work within a team with regular management support and are responsible for their own time, although there may be some opportunity to provide advice and carry out limited supervision of others

Key responsibilities


Preparing papers and files for court, tribunals, hearings and meetings.
Producing court/tribunal documents.
General photocopying and filing.
Creating and updating records on in-house computer system and data input.
Post opening and dispatch.
Booking, preparing and organising meeting rooms, supporting training courses and other group activities.
Preparing meeting agenda, joining instructions, handouts etc.

Standard letters and correspondence, minutes, notes, reports, submissions etc, according to guidelines and instructions.
To maintain accurate and concise notes on the appropriate operating systems following enquiries or case related actions.

Clerking civil and family courts, tribunals and hearings, ensuring papers and materials are available and up to date
Assisting court users, supporting listing and rota management, checking files
Contacting relevant parties, scheduling, serving court documents, executing a range of warrants, collecting fines and fees etc, including the use of chip and pin
Handling counter (face to face) enquiries, and a broad spectrum of written and telephone enquiries.
To work as a team to ensure TIB (Team Information Board) meetings are relevant, timely and productive
To work as a team to problem solve, to assess the impact of new SOPS, to contribute to small projects
Processing casework

Including standard documentation and information, court orders, claims, fines and fees, legal aid
Resulting courts accurately, interpreting accurately the information required on a court file
To work to workload targets in terms of throughput and accuracy
Checking and verifying

Documents, records, accounts, claims and returns for approval, results, statistics, plans etc. against criteria, regulations or procedures.
Ensuring compliance and administration documentation meet quality standards.
Role holders may be required to cross check and validate work completed by colleagues.
Collecting and assembling information

For returns, results, accounts, statements, warrants, statistical analysis, reports etc.
Work may require interpretation of source materials, preparation of bundles, chasing.
Role holders will need to modify and adjust information and make decisions to allow work to be completed.
Role holders will need to collect and assemble information to prepare for and run the daily TIB meeting, as required
Undertaking calculations

Produce basic statistical analysis reports and where required, process financial information.
Checking the work of others, updating records, assessing the value of goods and/or property, reconciling accounts, preparing invoices, information gathering and running straightforward reports.
Spending limited sums of money on behalf of an office or unit.
Calculate the anticipated numbers of Jurors to be called and manage the numbers to be as efficient as possible
Communicating with the public, the judiciary, other court and tribunal users and representatives of other agencies and Organisations

Communicate and work with the Judiciary, Magistracy, the Cluster Managers, Court staff, and other internal and external stakeholders, suppliers and customers to collect information, check facts, communicate or enforce judicial decisions, give advice on the completion of forms or court procedures etc and provide excellent customer service.
To deliver a helpful, prompt, polite and “right first time” service to our internal and external customers
Essential skills & qualifications

5 GCSE passes (or equivalent) grades A*-C, or NVQ Business Administration level II or Administrative experience.

Relevant computer skills to undertake the level of work required.

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