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Covid-19 Vaccination Programme Vaccination (Admin) Support


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    Open on: 21/12/2020

    Closing on: 15/01/2021

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Job description

As a Vaccination (Administrative) Support working in immunisations, the post holder will work as part of a dynamic team in delivering a safe and effective service for the mass delivery of the COVID-19 vaccinations.
The post holder will be responsible for providing administrative support within a team of staff working in a mass vaccination site.

In particular, the post holder will be responsible for:

• Accessing and maintaining accurate patient records, adhering to confidentiality as per the site’s policy.
• Providing admin support on the vaccination activity by supporting the immuniser with vaccination delivery and vaccination records.
• Recording vaccination consent and marking completion.
• Ensuring infection and waste control at the vaccination station.  Provide administrative support to the vaccination site’s staff.
• Ensure all paperwork has been provided pre-vaccination by the citizen, check identity & confirm vaccine details (type, date, time, dose).
• Maintain, request and transfer confidential patient records, ensuring they are stored in an accurate and secure filing system. Adhere to confidentiality as per the site’s policy.
• Prepare citizen for the vaccination (e.g. have their arm ready).
• Direct citizen to the post vaccination waiting area within the Pod.
• Record vaccine stock when removed or returned to fridge and to report low stock levels for vaccines, stationery and clinical equipment.
• Report low vaccine stock to maintain appropriate levels, checking expiry dates and recording wastage.
• Record vaccination event and mark completion; if for any reason the vaccination hasn’t been completed, record that information along with the reason.
• Coordinate and maintain communication with team members about routine and daily activities including rota’s, contacting clinical staff, updating systems and other duties.
• Provide non-clinical advice, information to patients/clients and relatives when necessary

Essential Requirements
• GCSE English and Maths or equivalent
• NVQ Level 3 or strong admin experience

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