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COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Vaccinator – Band 4


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    Open on: 21/12/2020

    Closing on: 15/01/2021

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Job description

The COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Vaccinator will work as part of a dynamic team in delivering a safe and effective service for the mass delivery of COVID-19 vaccinations. The post holder will be responsible for administering the vaccine to citizens within a team of staff working in a pod structure as part of the mass vaccination delivery model.

In particular the post holder will be responsible for:

• Configuration of their vaccination station
• Administration of the vaccine using the National Protocol
• Disposal of clinical waste and change of PPE as per national guidelines
• Administration of the vaccine to already consented and assessed individuals
• Assess the patient’s readiness for vaccination
• Address any concerns and ensure consent and clinical assessment has already taken place
• Ensure correct syringes and needles used
• Ensure that vaccine batch numbers are recorded under the correct patient
• Disposal of syringes and sharps as per the clinical waste policy
• Take on accountability for administration of the vaccine under the national protocol, once drawn up and clinical assessment carried out.

Please Note
• NHS specifically seeking applicants who are not currently working within the NHS for this project
• No healthcare experience is required however employer has mentioned that candidates with First Aid, Phlebotomy / Pharmacy exp. would be desirable

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